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Phillips & Koch provides recycling solutions that preserve our natural resources. We install conveying systems to fit your needs & increase your profitability! Consider refurbishing before buying new. Using recycled equipment saves you time, money, and best of all – the Environment!

Recycle Your Recycling Equipment

Eel River Disposal / Eel River, CA 2012

Phillips & Koch fabricated a completely recycled Recycling System for Eel River Disposal from old conveyors, equipment & miscellaneous metals that the owner, Harry Hardin, had laying around in his salvage yard.

Photographs, Before:
Photographs, After:

Phillips & Koch can install conveying systems to fit your needs & increase your profitability.

Consider Refurbishing Before Buying New

Conveyor systems are often the backbone of the plant, maximizing productivity by keeping material flow at a consistent, controlled pace.

By refurbishing and installing a high quality used conveyor system, not only will you get the benefits of improved product handling, but you’ll enjoy a significant cost savings over new conveyor costs. With used conveyor systems, return on investment is often achieved in six months or less!

Contact us today to discuss the condition of your equipment and the possibility of re-using before you buy a new conveyor.