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Texas may face years of debris cleanup in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Click here for an article about the years of C & D Cleanup Texas is facing:

With the traumatic effects of Hurricane Harvey now receding and leaving its ugly aftermath, all of us are reminded of how important Commercial & Demolition (C & D) Recycling lines have become in the cleanup and recycling of such a large scale magnitude of household, building and industrial waste, so far the total is up to 150,000 homes damaged or destroyed.

Phillips & Koch is proud to say we have been involved in the installation of Commercial & Demolition Recycling lines from the beginning. We recently installed a nice C & D System for Sherbrooke OEM for JKS Ventures in Melrose Park, IL. , Waste Management in Tampa, FL, and Waste Management Hillsboro, OR. Phillips & Koch Construction assisted Green Machine with their installation in Logan, UT of a Single Stream MRF that is combined with an addittional C & D Line.

Green Machine2 3 1 JKS Ventures Melrose Park, IL

Just as other area companies such as Texas Pride Disposal, Texas Disposal Systems and WCA Waste made plans to aid recovery efforts in the area, according to Waste360, there’s even a better chance now that some new disposal services may be born out of the wreckage. Phillips & Koch looks forward to installing more C& D Lines to assist in this effort!


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