Current Work

Current Work

Robots are the future, now!

The Future involves Optical Scanners, Artificial Intelligence and Robots. The future is here now. We have been assisting many of our clients with the installations of robots and the associated scanners. Purity rates and labor costs are accelerating this process. Let us assist with your modernization. Welcome to the future!

MAX AI Installation for BHS Pioneer

Clackamas, OR

Phillips & Koch Construction installed  BHS’ new Max AI in Clackamas, OR.

MRF Optical Upgrade

Midwest Fibers
Normal, IL

Phillips & Koch Construction is working with Midwest Fibers on an MRF Optical Upgrade in Normal, IL.

Zanker Waste

San Jose, CA

Fabulous Robotic C & D Recycling System designed by Plexus Recycling Technologies, Krause & CP Manufacturing, Komptech and Hertlien Industries and installed by Phillips & Koch Construction Inc. Thanks for letting us be part of this monumental project! The robots begin operation in the next few weeks!

This will be a full system including structural steel, machine centers, conveyors and robots to pick the materials instead of humans. It is the most advanced robotic construction and demolition recycling facility in the US. We are assembling and installing everything in the attached picture above the concrete.

Recyclery at Newby Island

Milpitas, CA

Phillips & Koch Construction has a crew fabricating and installing for BHS a Glass Clean Up System and new Metering Bin.